We are supporting those employees who have been made redundant from Turbine Efficiency limited on their protective award claim.

What is a protective award claim?

A protective award is an award of compensation that you will be entitled to if you have been made redundant and were not consulted with adequately prior to your redundancy. This rule still applies in cases of administration.

A protective award claim is separate from the usual redundancy claim. So, if you are eligible for this claim, you could receive two separate payouts on your redundancy.

There is no  minimum length of service required for a protective award claim.

It is important that you act as soon as possible, as there is a strict time limit for commencing a claim. Contact us today by using the form below to be part of the group claim.

How much could I be awarded?

You could receive the maximum amount of 90 days’ pay.

In the event that your employer cannot pay your award, do not worry, the Government guarantees 8 weeks’ pay, capped at £544 per week less any arrears of pay you may have received from the Redundancy Payments Office. So you could receive up to £4,352.


Find out below if you are eligible

Am I eligible?

You will be eligible to pursue a protective award claim, if:

  1. You have been made redundant and your employer has not followed the proper consultation procedures;
  2. There were at least 20 employees who were made redundant in your workplace

If you satisfy the criteria above, then you are eligible to pursue your protective award claim. Please fill out your details either by pressing the ‘Contact Us’ button, or by filling out the form below, and we will be in touch as soon as possible. We will give you further information about your claim.

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Why Linder Myers?

We have acted for many groups of employees faced with similar situations when their employer went into administration, so that they could receive the compensation they deserved. This includes those employed by Kaiam Group Europe Ltd, Warren Evans plc, McLellan and Partners Ltd, Bredbury Hall, and D.J Allen (builders) Ltd. We have recovered in excess of £1 million in compensation in protective award claims for our clients and have a 100% success rate.

We are a Legal 500 firm, who are specialist in protective award claims. Our solicitors have years of experience dealing with protective award claims and can deal with your claim right from the outset. This means you can carry on with your daily activities free of stress, whilst we pursue a claim for you on your behalf.