Cleveland Bridge redundancies - you are not alone.

We understand that a significant number of employees may have been made redundant after Cleveland Bridge announced it was going into administration.

If you are an employee and have been affected by the recent administration of Cleveland Bridge we can work with you to ensure you get the maximum pay out for your redundancy. We do this by supporting a group of employees to make a protective award claim. Protective awards are given to employees who have not been consulted with prior to their redundancy.

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What is a Protective Award?

If you and your colleagues have been made redundant without being consulted, you may be entitled to a Protective Award.

The award is designed to penalise an employer for failing to perform their obligation to consult with their staff, Protective Awards are at the discretion of the Employment Tribunal and can be worth up to 90 days’ gross pay for each employee.

Linder Myers guarantees all Protective Award claims on a no-win, no-fee basis.

How much could your claim be worth?

Protective Award claims are worth up to 90 days salary capped at £538 per week, so your claim could be worth £4,304.

Use our calculator below to find out exactly how much this could be for you.

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How do I make a Protective Award claim?

Cleveland Bridge employees that have been dismissed, or are about to be dismissed as redundant, and have not been adequately informed or consulted must commence their claims within 3 months from the date of the last dismissal taking effect.

You do not need to have been employed for two years in order to bring a claim.

Before making a claim, you must first go through the ACAS early conciliation process and obtain an Early Conciliation Certificate. Linder Myers can support you through this process, ensuring that you do not miss the deadline for a Protective Award claim.

Can I represent myself?

Yes. You can represent yourself  in a Protective Award claim. However, there are many things to consider. This area of law can become quite complex, particularly when various defences are considered. Even missing a deadline could completely void your chance of making a claim. Additionally, should your case end up at an Employment Tribunal hearing it can be incredibly daunting to represent yourself in front of a judge if you’ve not had experience of this situation before.

Working with an experienced solicitor takes this pressure off and maximises the chance of a successful claim. We can advise you of the common pitfalls and all the information required for a successful Protective Award claim.

Linder Myers specialises in Protective Award claims and for a small fee (and no fee if you’re not successful) will manage the whole process.

If you’d like to discuss your options (with no obligation to proceed with us) please register your interest below.

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We understand how disappointing it can be when you’ve worked for an employer for a period of time and you are made redundant without notice or warning. We’ve helped many other people claim the compensation they deserve when their employer went into administration.

We’ve claimed over £1m for previous employees of Kaiam Europe Ltd, D.J Allen (builders Ltd), Warrens Evans PLC and McLellan and Partners Ltd, all of which were completed on a no-win, no-fee basis. 

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