Surgery and anaesthetic medical negligence claims

Mistakes before, during or after surgery can have a catastrophic effect on lives

Medical negligence claims of this nature therefore often result in significant compensation awards for victims. Linder Myers medical negligence solicitors are experienced in representing and supporting individuals and their families who are suffering as a result of negligence in surgery.

Surgical negligence

Surgical negligence is defined as a failure on the part of a medical professional (the surgeon, anaesthetist, surgical staff or nursing staff) to provide the expected level of care, resulting in harm to the patient. Though rare, these errors can cause devastation and even cost lives. Some examples include:

  • Failure to fix the problem during surgery
  • Inadequate pre-operative assessment (e.g. failure to test for underlying conditions) causing complications, errors in medical notes or reading of x-rays and scans
  • Failure to inform patients of the risks and potential side-effects of a procedure
  • Retained surgical items – where an instrument or object such as sponge or swab is left inside the patient
  • Nerve damage resulting in paralysis or chronic pain
  • Cases where the wrong limb, organ or patient was operated on
  • Faulty medical equipment or products, such as the recent metal on metal hip replacement recall or PIP breast implants scare
  • Inadequate aftercare resulting in bed sores, blood clots or infection
  • Anaesthetic claims including insufficient pain relief, dosage errors or failure to carry out sufficient tests beforehand

Complications arising from negligence in surgery

Medical negligence in surgical situations can cause major health problems, requiring subsequent specialist surgery and monitoring. Further problems can also be caused by adhesions; scar-like tissue forms around damaged organs, resulting in severe pain and complications such as small bowel obstruction (in abdominal surgery) or fertility problems (in pelvic surgery).

In extreme cases, victims can suffer permanent disability, drastic shortening of life expectancy, or even death. The severity of the after-effects of surgical negligence often determines the scale of the medical negligence compensation awarded.

Delayed diagnosis

You may also be entitled to make a medical negligence claim due to a delay in surgery being carried out. Delayed diagnosis is unfortunately a common problem, with far-reaching consequences.

If delayed diagnosis or a delay in surgery causes the patient’s condition to deteriorate or prolongs pain and suffering, medical negligence has occurred. The same applies if the surgery itself is delayed due to errors, waiting lists or short staffing.

Your medical negligence compensation claim

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