Paediatric claims

At Linder Myers we have considerable experience through our specialist team of solicitors in looking after the particular interests of children. We are experts in considering those aspects of the procedure that relate to children’s claims.

Common paediatric claims

The vast majority of children’s medical appointments are dealt with by General Practitioners (GPs). A small percentage of children need more specialist care in local hospitals.

Claims can arise due to:

  • The initial trauma of birth
  • Failure to recognise some conditions applicable at birth such as congenital dysplasia (deformation and misalignment) of the hips
  • Cardiac changes such as atrial septal defects (where a blood vessel is formed which allows blood to travel directly from the right to the left of the heart, causing complications)
  • Rare unfortunate circumstances such as testicular torsion (where the spermatic cord twists and cuts off the blood supply to the testicular area)

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Paediatrics is generally considered to be the care of those in their first 18 years of life. This is an area that witnesses greater change than any other age group. Claims can arise in the initial period known as the neonatal period in the first few days of life and continue in the first few weeks or months.