Misdiagnosis compensation claims

A misdiagnosis can have serious and even life-threatening consequences on a patient’s health and wellbeing, especially if they have been prescribed incorrect medical treatment.

If you have suffered from a wrong diagnosis, you may be entitled to claim for compensation. Linder Myers has a medical negligence department specialising in providing legal support to patients who have been victims of medical, clinical and GP negligence. With a high level of experience and knowledge in this area, you can rely on us to offer expert legal advice and guidance at this difficult time.

Has medical negligence caused your misdiagnosis?

A wrong diagnosis can occur when symptoms are misread or undetected. This can lead to a patient being given incorrect or no medical treatment, which may cause their condition to worsen overtime, result in permanent damage or even leave them to suffer unnecessarily.

If your misdiagnosis has been caused by medical negligence, which has led to your health and wellbeing suffering, you can pursue a claim for compensation.

At Linder Myers, we commonly deal with misdiagnosis compensation cases that occur through:

  • Medical reports or X-rays not being read or read incorrectly
  • Test results not being carried out or acted upon
  • Symptoms not being correctly diagnosed
  • Failure to refer patients for medical treatment

Pursuing a claim for compensation

If medical negligence has caused your misdiagnosis, Linder Myers can handle the claim for compensation on your behalf.

The team will gather all evidence and put together a strong case against the responsibility party, proving that medical negligence has taken place and caused you to suffer unnecessarily.  They will also handle all negotiations and any court proceedings if necessary, working hard to get you the maximum amount of compensation in the minimum possible time.

They can also offer guidance on any government funding available and point you in the direction of relevant charity groups so that you are surrounded by all the support you need at this difficult time.

Contact us for a consultation

If you have been misdiagnosed or have been the victim of a delayed diagnosis, please contact us on 0800 085 3295, or email a summary of your claim to clinnegenquiries@lindermyers.co.uk