Metal on metal hip replacements

At Linder Myers we are currently representing individuals affected by the announcement that ‘metal on metal’ hip replacements may cause serious health problems.

We believe that the hospital/clinic responsible for the provision of treatment may be found liable to pay compensation. Litigation is now being undertaken and claims compiled on behalf of individuals affected by these cases.

Tens of thousands of UK patients may have been exposed to dangerously high levels of toxic metals from failing hip implants; a BBC investigation in conjunction with a study by the British Medical Journal revealed that changes were made to the design of metal hips – making the head of the joint larger – without performing safety trials first. The report reveals that cobalt and chromium ions can seep into the tissues of patients with ‘metal on metal’ hip implants, causing local reactions which destroy muscle and bone, and leaving some patients with long term disability.

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A number of people have contacted Linder Myers LLP expressing their concern and worries over these events and DePuy metal on metal implants. We are looking at the most cost effective way of representing those concerns and in bringing a legal action on their behalf. If you would like to register your details with Linder Myers LLP please contact us today.

We acknowledge that individuals and their families will be worried about these events, but it is right that these individuals have the opportunity to seek legal advice, guidance and redress over the continuing high failure rate of these implants.

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