Delayed diagnosis of cancer

A cancer diagnosis can be incredibly distressing for a person and their family, and a delayed diagnosis can make the news even more devastating.

If you have been affected by a late diagnosis of cancer, Linder Myers is here to help. With us by your side, you can gain access to all the health and financial support you need to make life a little more comfortable at this difficult time.

We can also assist those who have lost someone because of a delayed diagnosis, helping you to get justice and financial support for the impact the negligence has had on you and your family.

The importance of early diagnosis and treatment

Unfortunately, some cancers have to grow to a certain size or have a certain number of cells in order to be recognised. Often, by the time it is seen, treatment is limited in terms of cure, although this does depend on the type of cancer.

It is important for cancer to be diagnosed correctly and caught at the earliest possible time, with the appropriate symptoms recognised, to give patients the best chance of recovery.

Has medical negligence caused the delay in diagnosis?

Sometimes no party is to blame for an apparent delay as cancer can take such a long time to recognise. However, a late diagnosis is sometimes caused by medical negligence, where an error or mistake made by a practitioner causes an unnecessary hold-up.

Our solicitors specialise in delayed diagnoses and have considerable experience in dealing with the following types of medical negligence:

  • Failure to refer a patient for further investigation
  • Failure to follow up test results
  • Incorrect reporting of x-rays

A delayed diagnosis of cancer can have such a serious impact on a person’s chance of recovery and the extensiveness of treatment needed. If medical negligence has caused the delay, you are entitled to claim compensation for the impact the mistake has had on your health and future prospects.

About Linder Myers and our claims process

Our medical negligence team has won many successful cases relating to delayed diagnoses and the treatment of cancer.

With plenty of experience in dealing with these types of delays, you can trust our team to put together a strong case against the responsible party, proving that medical negligence has occurred and affected your health and chance of recovery. We will also carry out negotiations on your behalf, fighting your corner in order to achieve the compensation you rightfully deserve.

If court proceedings are necessary during your medical negligence claim, your solicitor will also handle the process from start to finish, working hard to ensure the outcome is in your best interests.

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