NHS medical negligence claims

Have you suffered from any physical or psychological harm after receiving substandard medical care within an NHS organisation?

Linder Myers medical negligence solicitors can offer expert legal advice on the options available to you, from issuing formal complaints to making NHS medical negligence claims. As a leading firm of solicitors with specific expertise in medical negligence claims, you can trust us to provide specialist legal guidance that is truly in your best interests.

Should I issue a complaint or claim compensation?

If you are dissatisfied with the medical care you received within the NHS, you can make a complaint against the institution. The complaints process has been put in place to provide patients with an explanation; however there is no financial compensation available.

We would recommend that patients who have suffered from medical and financial setbacks after receiving poor medical support look to pursue NHS medical negligence claims. This will allow you to gain compensation for any problems caused as well as financial support for the future.

Running your compensation claim

Regardless of whether you have been a victim of delayed diagnosis, endured a surgical error or  suffer from bed sores, Linder Myers can manage all NHS claim types successfully.

Our solicitors will examine critical medical issues, assemble strong evidence and witness reports while also speaking to medical specialists. We will then use the information gathered along with our rich legislative knowledge to create a strong case proving the responsible party is to blame.

Negotiating your settlement

Linder Myers is able to approach NHS organisations on your behalf. We can present your case to the person at fault, requesting that they accept responsibility and provide you with compensation.

If an NHS hospital does not accept liability, we are also experienced in taking NHS medical negligence claims to court to ensure claimants get the payout and justice they deserve.

Contact us on 0800 085 3295 to find out more about pursuing NHS medical negligence claims with us today. Alternatively, contact us via email with a summary of your claim at clinnegenquiries@lindermyers.co.uk

Disclaimer: The information provided was correct at the time of writing but may have undergone changes following this point.