Medical Negligence claims

Our solicitors are able to deal with all aspects of clinical negligence and medical accidents.

Medical negligence – also known as clinical negligence or malpractice – is when a health care provider or institution fails to provide a standard accepted level of care. The consequences are often serious and can result in permanent damage, psychological trauma or even death.

Linder Myers has a department dedicated to providing legal advice and assistance to people affected by medical negligence. With years of experience dealing with all forms of clinical malpractice accompanied by a complete understanding of legislation and a drive to obtain justice for all clients, our solicitors will be able to provide you with all the support you need at this difficult time.

The team is consistently highly ranked by independent legal directories Chambers & Partners and Legal 500.

Common medical negligence claims

The department has the skills and knowledge to handle all types of medical negligence. We find that common breaches in the duty of care include:

  • Delayed diagnosis
  • Careless procedures
  • Failure to warn of risks in treatment
  • Medication errors
  • Delayed referral
  • Failure to obtain proper consent

Whatever injury or loss you or someone close to you has sustained after receiving medical care that deviated from the accepted standard, whether in a GP or dental practice, A&E department or another medical institution, Linder Myers can help you claim compensation and obtain justice for your hardship.

Help and support with funding arrangements

The costs of medical negligence claims are variable, but thanks to our in-house screeners, we do not take on cases that we think we cannot win. As such our medical negligence solicitors can operate on a no win, no fee basis.

Your first step should be to contact us to let us know about what has happened. Our medical negligence team includes qualified nursing staff, who will then assess your enquiry and get back to you promptly. You can trust Linder Myers to be honest and upfront if we believe we might not win.

If we decide it would be in your best interests to pursue a claim and you choose to go ahead, we can discuss your funding options; we operate on a no win, no fee basis for medical negligence cases.

Calculating your compensation

Our aim will be to get you the maximum compensation in the minimum possible amount of time.

When putting together your medical negligence claim, we will assess your medical records, seek independent medical advice and most importantly talk with you to determine what financial support you will need to live comfortably and independently once again.

Your dedicated solicitor will then take part in negotiations and any court proceedings, putting forward your case in a forceful yet professional manner, so that you are awarded compensation for your past, present and future pain and suffering, health care needs and financial losses.

Why choose Linder Myers solicitors?

Linder Myers provides high quality legal advice at affordable prices, including no win no fee medical negligence claims.

Our department is one of the largest in the country. We employ former nurses, dedicated screeners and solicitors with the expertise needed to provide quick, effective advice so that you can get justice for the medical negligence that has occurred.

If you would like to find out more about our services or would like a free, initial consultation with a medical negligence specialist, please either contact a member of our team on 0800 085 3295 or alternatively, please contact us by email at with your telephone number and details of the incident.

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