Restrictive covenants

Restrictive covenants can put a stop to employees leaving your business and taking clients and information with them.

Linder Myers has a team of employment law solicitors who specialise in the drafting of restrictive covenants for businesses. A contractual agreement from our team can help to reduce the risk of employees damaging you financially or otherwise when they leave, giving you a real opportunity to protect your business and its reputation from potential harm.

Why are restrictive covenants so important?

Your business can be put at serious risk when key employees leave. A senior staff member that has been with you for a long time will have a good knowledge of your potential and current clients, employees and suppliers. With unenforceable or no restrictive covenants, you will have little or no control over them once they leave.

Restrictive covenants give you a chance to prevent former employees from pursuing your clients or staff when working for another business or themselves. Having such a contractual agreement can be particularly important if your leaving employee has access to or knowledge of the following:

  • Trade secrets
  • Confidential information
  • Other staff members
  • Existing clients
  • Databases
  • Intellectual property

When drafting and reviewing your restrictive covenants, our solicitors will always make sure that consideration is given to every matter that could have a direct impact on your business, providing you with a contractual agreement that is truly tailored to your situation.

More about our legal services

Linder Myers solicitors can offer expert employment law advice and support for many different issues related to restrictive covenants. Our comprehensive legal services include:

  • Drafting restrictive covenants
  • Reviewing existing terms
  • Representing you throughout covenant disputes
  • Enforcing contractual agreements in high court proceedings

It is a common misconception that covenants are not worth the paper they are written on. However, expertly drafted contractual agreements are frequently imposed.

In fact, Linder Myers solicitors regularly enforce the covenants produced by our team on behalf of our clients. While of course there is no guarantee that a restrictive covenant can be imposed, our extensive experience of drafting and seeking to implement agreements means that our carefully considered and reasonable covenants are likely to be decreed valid, should you ever need them.

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