Having to make staff redundant can be a stressful time for employers. Redundancy procedures are well known for being complicated processes filled with a number of potential pitfalls, so it is highly recommended that you receive sound legal advice and support from start to finish.

Linder Myers has a specialist employment law department with substantial experience in providing employers with the help and support they need during redundancy procedures. Our guidance can help to keep the process fair and legally compliant, where your business is protected against legal disputes and Employment Tribunals.

How Linder Myers can help

Redundancies can often be stressful and complex procedures, so the last thing you want is costly or time-consuming legal concerns or claims being brought against your business.

We can help to keep complications to a minimum, helping to make sure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. Our services include:

Guidance during your redundancy selection

Your redundancy selection must be fair and backed by evidence. You cannot let staff go because of personal preferences or protected characteristics. Our solicitors can help you to keep the selection procedure completely lawful, making sure that you have the right evidence in place to prove that your choices are completely reasonable.

Support throughout redundancy consultations

Employees being made redundant are entitled to receive a consultation, where you must outline why they have been selected and inform them of any alternatives available. We can provide you with information on the rules, help you determine which consultation procedure is appropriate for your situation and also support you during any collective consultations.

Advice on statutory entitlements

Staff members are entitled to receive a redundancy notice period and leaving date, while many employees are also eligible for statutory redundancy pay following their departure from a business. Our solicitors can advise you on these statutory requirements as well as any exceptions to the rules. Meanwhile, we can also offer guidance of how much redundancy pay a person should receive based on their age and length of service.

The legal team can also review and draft up any letters you require during a redundancy procedure, making sure that they’re clear and comply with established employment law principles.

Legal disputes and Employment Tribunals

If an employee believes that they have grounds to dispute your redundancy decision and they choose to pursue a formal grievance or Employment Tribunal, Linder Myers solicitors can help to defend your business and protect your reputation from harm.

Experienced in all types of proceedings, our solicitors can provide you with help and support throughout a legal dispute, settling any issue and even representing you in court if necessary. We will always keep your best interests in mind, working hard so that you can focus on running your business while we achieve you the most positive outcome.

If you would like to set up an initial consultation regarding a redundancy procedure right away, you can contact Linder Myer solicitors on 0800 042 0700.

Whether you want complete redundancy procedure support or require independent advice on a specific issue, our solicitors can provide you with assistance tailored to your exact requirements.