Standalone commercial leases

If a tenant occupies the landlord’s premises for an agreed period of time for commercial purposes, it is important to have a document in place to agree legally binding undertakings, provisions and terms.

Creating a basic limited period standalone commercial lease of the whole premises ensures that as a landlord you have peace of mind should any disputes arise.

Failure to implement a lease or tenancy document could leave you paying the costs and consequences. It is important to identify the provisions of your agreement and understanding with the occupier or tenant as soon as possible.

How can Linder Myers help?

Linder Myers can assist you by drafting up the relevant documentation. If the premises is unregistered, we can also assist with this.

Without such documentation in place the terms and provision agreed between the Landlord and Tenant are open for argument, based on their respective understandings of what was agreed. This includes:

  • The period the tenant can occupy
  • The rent and other charges the tenant is to pay during their occupation
  • The tenants maintenance obligations
  • What activities the tenant can and cannot perform at the premises

The lease is a useful source document for both parties to refer to in respect of their agreed obligations and/or actions. If not in place, the tenant may be afforded certain statutory rights meaning that they cannot be removed from occupation, without causing inconvenience and excessive enforcement costs to the landlord. This can ultimately result in court action and costs to recover the premises.

In the event of any dispute, a third party can examine the document to resolve any dispute issues.

Linder Myers has years of expertise taking the mystique and expense out of completing basic commercial lease transactions.

We can provide two different service offerings:

  • A basic service model where we provide standard word templates and documents for your use and completion.
  • An advanced service, where you give us the information and we will prepare all documentation for you. We will also discuss any additional bespoke bolt-on provisions that you may wish to incorporate.

Please contact us directly to discuss the costs relevant to either service.