Property possession for landlords

At Linder Myers we are experts in property proceedings for landlords.

When renting your property is your business, it’s vital that any proceedings against residential tenants are handled correctly.

Helping  ensure  that possession is obtained at the earliest opportunity with the minimum of expense,  we offer a complete service, giving advice before any action is taken.

In such situations a Notice Requiring Possession is the first step.  Our Commercial Litigation team can draw up and serve the correct Notice, and if the tenant does not vacate, take your proceedings to Court to obtain possession.

We also offer an integrated debt recovery service so that, if tenants leave any debt behind, we can take all available steps to recover this.

Renting residential property is a heavily regulated activity and it is  possible for landlords to commit a criminal offence if the regulations on seeking residential property possession are not followed. With extensive experience supporting landlords our Commercial Litigation team adopt a pragmatic and commercial approach to such property disputes, resolving disagreements as cost effectively and expeditiously as possible.