Personal and welfare LPA

A personal welfare LPA gives you the power to choose a trusted family member or friend to make decisions on your behalf about personal matters (but not including your finances) should you not be able to do so.

For example the attorney could make health care decisions if you needed medical treatment, or make decisions about where you live if you required care.

What if I haven’t made an LPA?

If you have not made a personal welfare LPA then, if you lose capacity to make decisions yourself, you lose the ability to choose who should make health care and welfare decisions for you. Your next of kin may be able to make decisions for you, but you may not want all of your next of kin to be involved, or you may feel they would not be able to agree amongst themselves. If there is no agreement it may be necessary to make an application to Court for a decision, which will take time (and matters may be urgent) and incur cost. Any costs would be payable from your own assets.

There is always the possibility that the person who is appointed by the Court to look after your personal welfare if you have not made an LPA is not the person you would have chosen yourself had you made the decision.

Why choose Linder Myers?

Our skilled team are experts in drafting personal welfare LPAs. We ensure that you avoid the cost, hassle and delay of an application to Court, which may be required if you became incapable and had not made a personal welfare LPA.