Accidents in public places

If you have been injured as a result of an accident which happened in a public place, you might be able to bring a public liability claim.

Public and private organisations owe a duty of care to you to ensure that you are reasonably safe in using their premises.

Examples of accidents in public places

Common examples of cases involving accidents in public places that we have covered are:

  • Tripping on an uneven pavement
  • Accidents that happen in private properties
  • Slipping on snow or ice as a result of gritting procedures
  • Accidents in play grounds
  • Slipping on a wet floor in a supermarket, shopping area or public place
  • Injury in a public place as a result of a falling object
  • Accidents involving potholes causing injury to motorists and pedestrians

We are able to act on behalf of any individual who has been injured in a public place which is not their fault.

Our personal injury lawyers are able to offer a no win, no fee agreement to help cover the cost of your claim.

Our personal injury department offers a full service when pursuing compensation claims for accidents in public places. We can:

  • Liaise with the other parties’ insurers to save you the hassle
  • Arrange a medical examination
  • Arrange site inspections and obtain photographs of the defect where available
  • Organise private medical treatment where liability of your claim has been admitted

We have a dedicated team of solicitors who deal with accident claims day in day out, ranging from soft tissue injuries to catastrophic life changing injuries.

Our personal injury team has a range of qualified accident and injury lawyers from partners to experienced legal assistants with over 30 years experience so that you can be sure the right person will be handling your claim.

We have extensive experience of dealing with these types of claims both locally and on a national basis.