Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence is the abuse of power in a close relationship, which can include many things like physical or sexual violence and psychological or financial controlling behaviour.

Domestic abuse can affect anyone regardless of his or her class, nationality, religion, gender or age. It can impact adults in all different types of relationships and can also involve violence between partners and their children.

Our team of specialist domestic abuse solicitors can support you and help you to protect yourself and your children. We are able to give you the legal advice you need and offer you representation in all domestic violence issues in any court proceeding. If necessary we can arrange you emergency protection.

The family courts can make orders called injunctions to stop abusive behaviour and protect you or your children.

There are two different sorts of injunction orders:

  • An occupation order, which requires the abuser to leave your home (or part of it) or keep away from your home, or to allow you to occupy your home without being threatened, harassed or assaulted. When the court makes an occupation order it can include a power of arrest which enables the police to arrest the abuser if they break the terms of the order.
  • A non molestation order, which orders a person to stop actual physical assaults or other sorts of intimidating and upsetting behaviour. Breach of a non-molestation order is a criminal offence.