Civil partnerships

As of December 2005, same sex couples can have their relationship legally recognised as civil partnerships. You must be of the same sex as your partner and be at least 16 years of age.

Registering your relationship provides you and your partner with a range of rights and responsibilities akin to marriage. Therefore it is very important for you to think carefully about the consequences of this legal commitment.

Our experienced family solicitors can give you legal advice and support concerning civil partnership agreements, which would also be likely to include a review of your existing Will and trust arrangements.

Furthermore, you may wish to discuss the financial consequences of registering your relationship and what will happen in the unfortunate event your relationship breaks down.

Our team of family solicitors can give you legal advice in relation to all of the various areas of law involved. They are also able to give you detailed advice about the possibilities of a pre-partnership agreement, which has the same impact as a pre-nuptial agreement.

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