Race discrimination

If as an employee or job applicant you believe that you have been treated unfavourably or placed at a substantial disadvantage for reasons connected with your race, our dedicated team of specialist employment lawyers can provide you with clear advice and represent you in court if required.

Clear and pragmatic advice

Offering you clear advice and pragmatic advice we can advise on whether or not you have a legal claim, what your legal rights are and the options open to you.

Having achieved significant amounts of compensation on behalf of employees who have pursued claims arising out of racial discrimination, where you have a race discrimination claim we can assist you in dealings with your employers; negotiating the resolution of issues or, if necessary, in bringing your claim to an Employment Tribunal.

Unlawful treatment

It is unlawful for employers to discriminate against workers, job applicants and others on grounds of race, colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins and proper consideration must be given to these matters. In particular, the Equality Act 2010 provides that employers must not:

  • Treat a job applicant or employee less favourably than others because of their race.
  • Discriminate against a person because of association or a connection with someone else on grounds of race.
  • Have a policy or requirement that places persons of a particular racial group at a disadvantage unless it can be justified.
  • Subject a worker to harassment on grounds of race.
  • Victimise a job applicant or worker because they have made or intend to make a complaint of race discrimination.

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