Executive termination

Helping executives, our dedicated team of specialist employment lawyers can provide advice on settlement agreements and can assist directors or senior executives in negotiating improved terms of severance when they are faced with dismissal or redundancy.

With extensive experience of acting for directors, senior executives and employers throughout the process of executive termination, our dedicated team of specialist employment solicitors also offers substantial experience in litigation where agreement cannot be reached on terms of severance.

Offering expert guidance from the outset and throughout the proceedings, we ensure that proper consideration is given to issues that will have an effect on the eventual outcome.


Whenever an employer considers the termination of a director’s or senior executive’s employment, a multitude of considerations come into play, including:

  • Is an employee receiving adequate compensation?
  • What contractual payments would be due to the employee and what likely compensation could be awarded in addition in respect of any unfair dismissal or discrimination claim?
  • Will the employee continue to be subject to restrictive covenants and are such covenants reasonable?
  • How should the director’s position at Companies House be dealt with?
  • If applicable, how should the employer deal with any shares held in the company by the outgoing director or employee?
  • Is it permissible or appropriate to hold a without prejudice discussion with the director in order to reach agreement on all the above terms without damaging the employer’s position or exposing the business to a claim for constructive dismissal?
  • Should the terms of any agreement reached with the director or senior employee be recorded in a compromise agreement?

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