Commercial agents

With a record of winning substantial compensation for commercial agents, our dedicated team of specialist employment lawyers has extensive experience in commercial agency law and works closely with Old Square Chambers; the acknowledged leading Barristers in this field.

Offering valuable guidance and advice to commercial agents, we are experienced in drafting commercial agency agreements, can advise on the termination of such agreements and can also provide representation in any disputes including going to court if necessary. Maximising your chances of making a successful claim arising from the termination of a commercial agency agreement, we offer you specialist advice and guidance in this complex area of law where, unlike in an Employment Tribunal, there is no limit to the maximum amount that can be awarded.

Helping to make you fully aware of the extent of your rights and how best to pursue them in courts, we ensure that proper consideration is given to the application of Commercial Agents Regulations and can protect your interests by providing you with a property drafted commercial agency agreement

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