Challenge restrictive covenants

Helping to maximise your future employment and/or business opportunities, our dedicated team of employment lawyers can work with you to avoid litigation, to challenge the enforceability of any restrictive covenants against you and to represent you in court if necessary.

Extensive experience

With extensive experience in both the drafting of restrictive covenants and the representation of employees who challenge the enforceability of such covenants, we offer a particular ability backed by an armoury of arguments as to why covenants may be unenforceable.

We have had significant success in challenging restrictive covenants on the basis that they have been incorrectly drafted. This is especially helpful if you are a senior or long-term employee who has built up important connections and relationships with clients and suppliers or who could poach other staff members.

Expert advice

Offering expert advice and guidance from the outset, our employment lawyers consider all matters that will have an impact on the validity of restrictive covenants. This is particularly important if you have had access to or knowledge of the following:

  • Trade secrets.
  • Confidential information.
  • Other staff members.
  • Existing clients or services

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