Support for beneficiaries

Even where you are named as a beneficiary in a Will, inheritance disputes may still occur.

With extensive experience in this complex area of law, we work with beneficiaries to resolve the many types of inheritance disputes and problems that can arise.

Priding  ourselves in achieving the desired results through minimal litigation and maximising the use of alternative dispute resolution, we always act in your best interests to deliver the best possible result for you.

Possible beneficiary actions may include:

  • Where you are a beneficiary but are being challenged over your inheritance
  • Where the trustee or executor (those responsible for dealing with the affairs of someone who has died, in accordance with the terms of the Will) is acting negligently, such as using a property for themselves when they are not permitted to do so
  • Where concerns arise that a property is not being maintained or invested to prevent it decreasing in value
  • Where you wish to remove or replace trustees or executors
  • Where the executor is failing to distribute the assets that you are entitled to
  • Where trustees of a discretionary trust refuse to give you any provision from the estate

A dishonest or incompetent executor or trustee can cause a huge amount of stress for everyone involved. There are clear rules relating to the conduct of trustees and executors, however if they are not challenged when misconduct occurs, the deceased’s estate is in danger of being misused or lost forever. The speedy intervention of a solicitor can often quickly resolve these issues.

Where negotiation or mediation (whether informal or formal) is not suitable however, litigation may be required. In these situations we work closely with our Litigation department to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

With competitive fees and transparent costs if you would like to find out more about how we can help you, contact us today.