Services for Residential Landlords

At Linder Myers we are experts in providing legal services for landlords and helping landlords deal with problem tenants.

While residential tenancies can be a long-term investment, difficult tenants can make the process extremely stressful, not to mention financially detrimental for private landlords. If you are a landlord faced with a difficult tenant it is vital to follow correct legal procedures.

At Linder Myers, our property litigation experts have a great deal of experience helping landlords deal with problem tenants including:

  • Defending landlords against claims made by tenants for compensation or repair
  • Bringing rent arrears claims and debt recovery
  • Taking possession/eviction proceedings

Our Commercial Litigation department can also assist commercial landlords in regards to any disputes with tenants.

Possession proceedings

There are many reasons why Landlords might want to take possession of a residential property from tenants, including:

  • They want to use the property personally
  • They want to sell the property
  • They want to remove the tenant for failing to pay rent
  • They want to remove the tenant after damage to the property
  • They want to remove the tenant for being a nuisance to neighbours.

We ensure that residential property possession proceedings are handled correctly and that possession is obtained at the earliest opportunity with the minimum expense. We will draft and serve the correct Notice and if the tenant does not vacate, we will take proceedings to Court to obtain possession.

Linder Myers can advise and assist Landlords, to use the quickest and most cost effective way of evicting a tenant and help them steer clear of technical legal pitfalls which can arise which maybe a nightmare for the unwary.

If you have a problem tenant and need further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 042 0700 or email