Fire and arson attacks – making a CICA claim

July 9th, 2008

If you or your property is attacked by an arsonist you can make a CICA claim for criminal injuries compensation from the CICA Scheme. Paragraph 8 of the Scheme includes the acts of arson and fire-raising as a ‘crime of violence’.

This means that victims of this sort of offence will be eligible for compensation. The test is whether or not the fire was started deliberately or recklessly.Applicants have to prove that they have been physically or psychologically injured by the events that have occurred.

They must have been present in the property or close enough to the property to be in fear of their own lives, they must co-operate fully with the police and the fire services and the health and safety executive (if appropriate) to assist them in investigating the incident fully and, if necessary go to Court to give evidence.

In addition, Applicants must ensure that they comply with any medical treatment which is offered to them whether it is for physical injuries or psychological injuries.

According to the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service arson is the largest single cause of major fires in Greater Manchester and the UK. It is estimated that three out of the four fires which were attended in 2007 by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were caused by arson. Arson puts lives at risk not only of the people who own the property and are close by but also of the fire fighters who attend.

It’s important that the victims of arson who have sustained injuries or lost a loved one as a result, claim for the criminal injuries they have sustained. Often, people do not know that they can make a claim or do not make the claim soon enough. Co-operate with the police and the fire investigation team, seek medical advice urgently and get legal advice.

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