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Some birth injuries are unavoidable, but others are caused by medical negligence and can have a devastating impact on the mother and baby. If you or your child have been affected by a birth injury that could have been prevented, speak to us today.

If you or your child has suffered because of a medical professional during a pregnancy or delivery, our birth injury solicitors can offer fair and objective legal advice on the steps to follow next.

Highly experienced in supporting people affected by substandard medical care, the team will handle your case with compassion and care, guiding you in a direction that is right for you and your family.


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We offer a no win, no fee service, and can help you obtain substantial damages to assist your child or loved one to access the best future care and maximise their quality of life.

Minors have up until their 21st birthday to be able to bring a claim, and sometimes there is no time limit to bring a claim. Speak to us to find out more.


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Pregnancy negligence

The mismanagement of a pregnancy, particularly in the last trimester can impact heavily upon the health and wellbeing of a mother and child. The most common errors include:

  • Incorrect or inaccurate monitoring
  • Delayed or wrong action taken
  • Faulty equipment or over reliance on ultrasound equipment

Such careless conduct can cause serious, life-threatening damage, especially if early signs of birth defects, maternal diabetes, pre eclampsia and placental abruption are ignored or not acted upon.

Delivery and birth injury

Medical negligence can also occur during the delivery of a baby and have tragic consequences for both the parent and baby.

Our birth injury solicitors are experienced in dealing with traumatic cases such as:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Erbs palsy
  • Head trauma caused by improper use of forceps or ventouse
  • Newborn hypoglycaemia
  • Neo-natal death
  • Injuries to the mother

These birth injuries typically take place after a failure to adequately assess and monitor the final stages of delivery. Whether caused by human error or incompetence, our legal team will make sure that you are properly funded for any future rehabilitation and care.

Why choose Linder Myers?

If we decide that pursuing a medical negligence claim would be in your best interests, our birth injury solicitors will work hard to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

The qualified nursing staff in our department will endeavour to learn as much about your situation as possible in order to determine the best course of action. One of our birth injury solicitors will then gather evidence, research precedents and liaise with medical specialists to build a strong case.

A dedicated specialist will also speak and negotiate with the responsible party on your behalf to make sure that you are awarded the right settlement. Our solicitors can also represent you in court if necessary, where they will work hard to prove that medical negligence has taken place.

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Careless procedure - leading to cerebral palsy

We were instructed by the parents of a girl who was born with brain damage, leading to cerebral palsy. Her parents believed this was entirely preventable and wanted to understand how it happened. Our investigation proved this to be correct.

Compensation recovered: seven figure payout

Medical negligence - leading to lifetime care

Our clinical negligence team secured a six-figure sum for our client after disastrous keyhole surgery affected every aspect of his life.

Our client was left permanently scarred and forced to use a catheter after his bladder was cut during the operation. Three months after the operation, he was still in severe pain and consequently taken into hospital with a water infection – where it was discovered swabs had been left inside of his body, leading to another operation to remove them. As a result of this negligence, our client had to give up working and relies on care from others for everyday tasks.

Compensation recovered: six figure payout

Failure to obtain consent - leading to additional scarring

We represented a gentleman who was born with Poland Syndrome – meaning he was missing a major muscle and soft tissue damage on the left side of his chest. Our client decided to proceed with surgery to correct this defect. He consented to liposuction being performed on either the right side of his chest or abdomen, followed by lipofilling on the left side of his chest – which would leave minimal scarring.

Compensation recovered: five figure settlement

Missed diagnosis and referral

We acted on behalf of the estate of a 68 year old diabetic man who had stubbed his toe. The toe had turned black following the minor accident and his GP referred him to hospital, where medical staff noted that there was a lack of pulse in his feet but failed to address this

He didn’t receive any treatment until more than a month later, when the condition had significantly worsened and part of his foot had to be amputated. It is well known by medical professionals that diabetes can lead to problems with the lower limbs and diabetes is the most common cause of lower limb amputation in the UK.

Just a few weeks later, he had to return to hospital to undergo surgery to have a below the knee amputation. However, his condition sadly continued to deteriorate and he died approximately two months after his initial A&E visit. The NHS Trust involved admitted liability and we successfully obtained a settlement for his family.

Compensation recovered

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